Small grinding machine for export production base in China
M618AHD Surface grinder machine
SG-2050AHD Surface grinder machine
M1022AHD Surface grinder machine
M1224AHD Surface grinder machine
M1230AHD Surface grinder machine
M4080AHR Surface grinder machine
M4080AHD Surface grinder machine
CNC Surface grinder machine
MY618 Hydraulic surface grinder
MY820 Hydraulic surface grinder
MY1022 Hydraulic surface grinder
MY1224 Hydraulic surface grinder
MY1230 Hydraulic surface grinder
M1024AHR/AHD Hydraulic surface grinder
M7215/M7225 Vertical surface grinder
MD618/MD820/MDS1022A Automatic surface grinder
MDS1022B Automatic surface grinder
M1022 Manual surface grinder
M820 Manual surface grinder
M618 Manual surface grinder
KGS61 High precision surface grinder
KGS200 High precision surface grinder
KGS250 High precision surface grinder
SGA2050AH/AHR/AHD High precision surface grinder
SGA2550AH/AHR/AHD High precision surface grinder
SGA3063AH/AHD High precision surface grinder
SGA3063AHR High precision surface grinder
SGA4080AH/AHR/AHD High precision surface grinder
SGA30100AH/AHD High precision surface grinder
SGA30100AHR High precision surface grinder
SGA40100AH/AHR/AHD High precision surface grinder
M7130 Horizontal spindle and rectangular table surface grinder
M7140 Horizontal spindle and rectangular table surface grinder
M7150 Horizontal spindle and rectangular table surface grinder
M7160 Horizontal spindle and rectangular table surface grinder
2M9120A Multi-use grinder
MGYA6025BMulti-use grinder

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  Our company is an enterprise of producting surface machine,has the quality clearance of export sale and has passed through the internatiaonal quality system.The products also have passed the national inspection of machine tool.
  “Grizzly” manual surface grinding machine,combining the technology and experience of Taiwan grinding machine,is our honorary product.
  The major products of our company are model M618A ,M820,M250,My3060 and so on,which adopt the V-type guide,bring transmission by synchronous belt.Meanwhile,adopt the exceeding precise P4 level ball bearing for spindle,having complete attachment with electro-maganetic chuck or the dense chuck of permanent magnetism and having the following features:operating simple and convenient, low noise,high precision for processing,steady mechanical performance,reliable hydraulic system of table longitudinal movement and a long-life service, mostly suitable for applying to process various moulds and ceramics.


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